Understanding Typesense Cloud Pricing and Bandwidth Costs

TLDR Ripas55 seeks clarity on Typesense cloud pricing and bandwidth costs. Kishore Nallan explains the pricing as per node configuration and bandwidth out consumed costs, elaborating that the later is not typically a significant expense.

Photo of Ripas55
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:45:19 UTC

Hello everyone, I just wanted to understand typesense cloud pricing better. Let's say that I have 1M documents to index at 0.15kb per document. According to typesense calculator I would have to get 1GB memory option, which tells me that cluster: > Works out to $21.60 /month Is that fixed price? also how do I know what I would pay in bandwidth? Like what is the difference between having 1000 users to 100k users?

Photo of Kishore Nallan
Kishore Nallan
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:50:29 UTC

:wave: Typesense Cloud pricing consists of the price you pay for the node configuration (scales with RAM/CPU spec picked) and for the bandwidth out consumed. There are no other per-record or per-search fees. The bandwidth is charged 11 cents per GB and is typically not a major source of billing headache since search responses are gzipped and so compress very well even at high concurrency. You can do a bandwidth cost estimate based on a sample search response and expected average traffic.