Typesense v0.24.0 API Key Issue with Multiple Actions

TLDR Hariharan is facing an issue with Typesense API keys when combining "documents:search" and "documents:export" actions. Jason asks for a curl command snippet to replicate the issue.

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Apr 11, 2023 (8 months ago)
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12:58 AM
Hi! I am using typesense v0.24.0. When i created API key for action "documents.search" for a collection, search functionality works fine. Whereas, if i combine more than one action likes actions: ["documents:search", "documents:export"], then search or export functionality not works. Calls to typesense APi throws 401 unauthorized exception. Following is the body post used to create API key,

  'description': 'Search and export companies key.',
  'actions': ["documents:search", "documents:export"],
  'collections': ['companies']
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04:50 AM
Could you put together a snippet with curl commands like this that replicates the issue?