Typesense.js Client and SearchOnlyClient Confusion

TLDR After resolving an initial connection issue, Darren queried about his inability to use the 'upsert' method in Typesense.js. Jason suggested he might be using the wrong client.

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Dec 14, 2021 (25 months ago)
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11:08 PM
Jason Thanks for the the reply and the offer to help. But I figured it out - when I copied the host from the config, the last character was cut off, leading to an invalid host - so the CORS error was a red herring. I can connect and read now.

Although I'm not yet able to write docs to a collection - using the Admin API Key from the downloaded keys file within a Firebase Function, I can create a client, but I cannot upsert docs - the upsert method doesn't exist on the documents() object. In the debugging there is a class SearchOnlyDocuments - is this a collection configuration issue/parameter or this related to the APIKey? (even though I'm using the Admin API Key)
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11:11 PM
Got it.

It sounds like you might be using the SearchOnlyClient from typesense.js. You want to use Client