Troubleshooting Scoped API Keys Creation Issue in Typesense Cloud

TLDR Henrik is having trouble creating scoped API keys for a client using Typesense Cloud. Jason is unsure if the number of collections could be causing the issue and has requested more information.

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Oct 30, 2023 (1 month ago)
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05:26 PM
Hello everyone,

We currently facing issues with creating scoped API keys for the client. We are using Typesense Cloud and we use the following flow:
• User requests our backend with JWT token (authenticate the user in our system)
• We call the Typesense API to create the scoped API key (scoped to collections of this user)
• API key is returned back to the client and can be used to access the Typesense API
In the step of calling the Typesense API, we are periodically receiving an HTTP error.

One thing that might be special: We multiple thousand collections in the cluster itself. Is it possible that this is the reason for the failing API key creation ?
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05:51 PM
The number of API keys shouldn't cause an issue... theoretically.

May I know the exact HTTP error and response body you're seeing?
05:52 PM
On a side note, scoped API keys are cryptographically generated in the client-library and do not involve API calls to the Typesense server.