Sharing Dashboard with Team Member in Typesense via GitHub

TLDR Jeremy wants to share his Typesense dashboard with a co-worker via GitHub. Jason outlines how to use the account switcher feature and authorize organization access through GitHub to enable sharing.

Photo of Jeremy
Wed, 17 Aug 2022 21:47:54 UTC

I signed in with my personal GitHub account and want to share my co-worker on the dashboard, how can I do this?

Photo of Jason
Wed, 17 Aug 2022 21:49:28 UTC

We create “teams” in Typesense for each Github organization you’re a part of. This is automatically done when you login the first time (if you had authorized access to your Github orgs). Then once you’re logged in, you’ll see an account switcher on the top right with your username. If you click on your username, you’ll see your other team accounts. If you then provision a cluster under one of those team accounts, all members that are part of your Github organization will also see the cluster when they login with their own Github accounts, and switch to this team. If you don’t see an account switcher when you login to Typesense Cloud, you want to visit , remove Typesense Cloud from the list, then logout of Typesense Cloud and log back in. This time, you’ll see the Github prompt to authorize organization access, you want to enable the organization that you’d like to create clusters under.

Photo of Jeremy
Wed, 17 Aug 2022 21:51:01 UTC

got it, thanks