Resolving 504 Errors During Schema Updates

TLDR David faced an issue with schema update resulting in 504 errors. The issue resolved itself. Jason explained the reason behind the errors.

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Aug 02, 2023 (4 months ago)
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06:47 PM
Hello all,

I tried to update a schema in my dev env to enable infix search on one of our primary fields. I received two 504 s in the cloud console, and now it appears my entire collection is gone. I'm also unable to create a new one in my cluster. Not sure what's going on here, any guidance? Thanks
06:57 PM
Oh whew, it appears to be back online now, but that made my heart jump.

It appears despite the 504 responses, the schema is now updated and my documents are back online. I didn't see anything indicating that something was processing, but that's what I was hoping.
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07:32 PM
Schema alteration is a blocking operation on the entire cluster, so it can take a bit of time to run depending on the size of the dataset. So the 504s you saw were because the Cloud UI couldn’t connect to your cluster as it was executing the alter