Refining Typesense Query to Exclude Specific IDs

TLDR Andrew was manually ignoring chat IDs in their Typesense query, wondering if there was a better approach. Jason confirmed the approach was correct but suggested simplifying by generating the IDs in an array format.

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Dec 12, 2022 (12 months ago)
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05:41 PM
ok so the way i've been doing this screams incorrect but i didnt find anything on the docs.

So I have a list of strings, 'ignoreIds'. To make sure the resulting query does not have a chatId in this list, i do the following:

String ignore = '';
    //for each chatId, add it to a string that follows the form 'typsenseId:chatId || '
    for (String chatId in ignoreIds) {
      //if chatId is not the last element in the list, add ' || '
      if (chatId != ignoreIds.last) {
        ignore += 'chatId:!=$chatId && ';
      } else {
        //if chatId is the last element in the list, do not add ' || '
        ignore += 'chatId:!=$chatId';

then in the query i have
'filter_by': '(senderId:$userId || receiverId:$userId) && pending:false && ($ignore)',

So that way the id's are ignored. It feels like theres a better way to do this tho lol
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05:45 PM
Typesense does not have a way to reference sub queries like in SQL, so your general approach of listing out each ID would indeed be the way to do it.

You can simplify the last $ignore part by generating it in this format: chatId:!=[id1,id2,id3]