Query on Menu RefinementList and Usage of Typesense with React-InstantSearch-Hooks

TLDR Dipankar wanted to refine menus using react-instantsearch-dom and inquired on Typesense's compatibility with react-instantsearch-hooks. Jason recommended using connectCurrentRefinements and confirmed Typesense's compatibility.

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Jun 10, 2022 (19 months ago)
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10:23 PM
Hii all, I have a Menu RefinementList And when I select one item I want to reset all the other filters/RefinementList and then selent the menu value. ( ClearRefinements will not work as I want to clear all then add the clicked menu value). I'm using react-instantsearch-dom. Also does typesense works with react-instantsearch-hooks ?
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10:31 PM
I think you can use the connectCurrentRefinements to do this. This method seems to clear all the refinements programmatically: https://www.algolia.com/doc/api-reference/widgets/clear-refinements/react/#connector-param-provided-refine

> Also does typesense works with react-instantsearch-hooks
I think it will, since what the adapter does is replace the Algolia search client with typesense's search client. Everything else is handled by instantsearch. Let me know if you run into any typesense specific issues if you get a chance to try it out