Potential Bug with "query_by" Parameter in Search Query

TLDR Anton found a potential bug where the search query doesn't return all matches using the "query_by" parameter. Kishore Nallan offered to analyze this issue further with a sample dataset.

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Oct 25, 2021 (27 months ago)
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08:50 AM
Hello Jason Kishore Nallan,
I think i found bug when using "query_by" parameter. It seems that the search does not return all the matched results...
I have a collection containing 6 items matching this search query:

But i get only 4 results. Then i try to adjust the "filter_by" statement to explicitly include the missing uri:
/collections/cmspages/documents/search?q=rade/homepage-boxes-&query_by=uri&filter_by=type:1 %26%26 uri: rade/homepage-boxes-gerichte&prefix=true&num_typos=0&per_page=10&include_fields=[uri]

And i get the missing item back!! Something is wrong here. I'm free for screenshare if it is needed
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
08:51 AM
Happy to look if you can share a sample dataset to test against. You can DM me.