Multi-Search Query Across Different Collections

TLDR Ahmad inquires about performing a multisearch call across different databases. Kishore Nallan provides an example but Edson adds that it's an issue when field names differ per collection.

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Jan 03, 2022 (24 months ago)
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07:22 AM
Hi Everyone, I want to do a multisearch call with different propertyName in multiple collections like
User: { name: "string" }, Book: { author: "string"}. 

I want to search by name in User and author in Book using multi search in 1 query. Is it possible and how ?
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
07:25 AM
Are User and Book separate collections in your example?
Kishore Nallan
07:27 AM
Here's the multi search exmaple that searches two collections at the same time: https://typesense.org/docs/0.22.1/api/documents.html#federated-multi-search


Jan 26, 2022 (24 months ago)
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09:55 PM
I am facing the same challenge. I want to search in two different collections but they don't have comon property names. I have the impression that Federated search at the moment only works for cases where you want to search in collections with the same field names, am i correct?

in my concrete use case i wish i could "query_by" 'name', in the brands collection, and by full_name in my 'cars' collection