Managing Docker Storage and Load Balancing with Typesense Server

TLDR gaurav need help with Docker arguments for logs and planning for load balancing. Kishore Nallan suggested removal of space after parameters along with existence check of /logs directory and agreed with LB plan with independent instance setup.

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Nov 01, 2022 (14 months ago)
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05:39 AM
Hi, i am using typesense server from docker on my production env.
Just wanted to understand some arguments in docker.
1. When i run below command, still i couldnt see any data dir or log dir where i can see logs. I wanted to get all logs in a persistent storage.
sudo docker run -p 8108:8108 -v$(pwd)/typesense-data:/data typesense/typesense:0.23.1 --data-dir /data --log-dir= /logs --api-key=up_stox_ds --enable-cors

2. Also i was planning to use LB with multiple VM for high availability instead of docker swarm just for reducing the complexity. I hops its fine.
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
06:19 AM
Can you make sure that there is no space after the parameter and the = ?

--data-dir=/data --log-dir=/logs

And ensure that /logs exists.
Kishore Nallan
06:20 AM
Having 2 independent instances backed by a LB is okay as long as you treat them as separate nodes and ensure that both are kept updated explicitly.
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10:03 AM
sure got it. thanks.