Issues with typesense-firestore extension in Typesense Cloud

TLDR J is experiencing issues with typesense-firestore extension in Typesense Cloud. Jason suggested checking the extension logs for potential data validation errors.

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Nov 09, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
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10:02 PM
Hey guys, I run into some trouble with typesense-firestore extension using typesense cloud. Hope to get some help here. It started out great but today when I created a batch of ~1,000 docs in firebase, 90% of them just won't appear in typesense. Does anyone have any clue what might happen?
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11:04 PM
Just noticed your Slack message!

Copy-pasting from our email conversation:

I suspect it must be data validation issues that’s preventing the data from being imported.

You want to look at the Firestone extension logs for the backfill function to see the exact error message returned by Typesense.