Issue with Typesense, Facets, and Special Characters

TLDR Ailish is encountering an issue with Typesense handling of apostrophes versus single quotes. Jason clarified how Typesense handle special characters and requested further specifics from Ailish.

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Apr 11, 2022 (21 months ago)
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12:14 PM
Is this a InstantSearch issue? My facets show up separately when there is an apostrophe vs a single quotation mark in the field. The Typesense results do not recognise the difference when I select either or both of these facets, and always shows me the total sum of results (682). So I assume the data is normalised on the Typesense side. However, Algolia document that they also normalise the data, so is it some limitation of faceting? Has anyone experienced this before?
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05:22 PM
Ailish Typesense only normalizes accented chars into their non-accented versions... It does not do this with apostrophes vs quotes
05:24 PM
Could you look at the network tab in your browser's dev console, and share the exact query made to Typesense when you select both filters? And also the response from Typesense?