Increased Memory Usage After Implementing `pinned_hits` in Typesense

TLDR John experienced a significant increase in memory usage after using pinned_hits at query time in Typesense. Kishore Nallan suggested that the increase was due to the filtering of the dataset but the issue remains unresolved.

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Nov 19, 2022 (13 months ago)
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04:40 PM
Our Typesense instance was using ~900 MB of memory consistently for weeks, and recently we started using pinned_hits at query time and see rapidly increasing memory usage. First an almost immediate jump from 900 MB to 1.6 GB and then a slow but consistent increase from 1.6 GB to now 3.3 GB since Friday. Is this expected behaviour? Looks a bit concerning
04:41 PM
    "system_cpu1_active_percentage": "0.00",
    "system_cpu2_active_percentage": "0.00",
    "system_cpu_active_percentage": "0.00",
    "system_disk_total_bytes": "105089261568",
    "system_disk_used_bytes": "1497489408",
    "system_memory_total_bytes": "8344117248",
    "system_memory_used_bytes": "4312408064",
    "system_network_received_bytes": "71278807601",
    "system_network_sent_bytes": "11252234532",
    "typesense_memory_active_bytes": "3264450560",
    "typesense_memory_allocated_bytes": "3173333928",
    "typesense_memory_fragmentation_ratio": "0.03",
    "typesense_memory_mapped_bytes": "3366674432",
    "typesense_memory_metadata_bytes": "65228800",
    "typesense_memory_resident_bytes": "3264450560",
    "typesense_memory_retained_bytes": "1692180480"
Nov 20, 2022 (13 months ago)
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
02:27 AM
Pinned hits should not cause a memory increase. Are you able to reproduce in another environment or on your local machine? Also how many requests per second are you seeing?
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08:33 AM
10-20 requests per second. Haven’t tried to reproduce, suspect it’ll be hard but I’ll try 🙂
Nov 21, 2022 (13 months ago)
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10:26 AM
I couldn’t really reproduce it locally, but it continues to happen in production even after restarting the instance. I’ll continue to try to reproduce, but if you have any tips or thoughts that’s very welcome

It started happening after we added pinned_hits at query time (quite many), together with filter_curated_hits and some fairly large filters (only get documents where their group ID is not in list)
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
11:16 AM
Some of the filtering could require run time memory for working dataset. But pinning doesn't incur any memory penalty.
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11:49 AM
But would you expect filtering to result in monotonically increasing memory usage?
Kishore Nallan
Photo of md5-4e872368b2b2668460205b409e95c2ea
Kishore Nallan
11:53 AM
No it will cause a higher memory baseline but it won't keep increasing.


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