Implementing Synonyms with TypeSense in International Travel Company

TLDR Eric inquired about using built-in synonyms in TypeSense in a travel company with different spellings for city names. Jason clarified feature is built-in, but user-specific synonyms list needs to be fed.

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Oct 09, 2023 (1 month ago)
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03:43 PM
I’ve got a question about synonyms.

We are implementing TypeSense at a company that handles international travel. One of the issues we regularly bump into is, some city names are spelled completely differently across various European languages. two quick examples from Italy:

Example 1: Piemont, Piedmont, Pietmont, Pimonte, Piemonte
Example 2: Puglia, Apulia

(This was handled in the past with a dumb metadata table stored in the database, where all these words were added as “tags” for the MySQL search to SELECT from.)

I’ve read about synonyms in your documentation. Are any synonyms built-in, or is it on us to feed those to the system?
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03:48 PM
Only the synonyms feature is built-in, you would have to feed your own list of synonyms to the feature