Enhancing User Experience Through Modified Refinement Filters

TLDR Kor inquired about preventing disappearing checkboxes in refinement filters. Jason recommended making additional search requests without the filter applied to get facet counts.

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Sep 26, 2023 (2 months ago)
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08:34 AM
Currently if you activate filters in a refinement filter (so if you select checkboxes), checkboxes in other refinement filters disappear since they do not match any documents at that point.

Is it possible to configure that they do not disappear, but grey out? This would result in a less “jumpy” user experience. It can be disorienting when you have several refinement filters.
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03:22 PM
You want to make additional search requests in a multi_search request, without the filter applied, so you get facet counts for the other values in the filter widget.

For eg, try clicking on the filters in this demo: https://ecommerce-store.typesense.org

and observe the network requests sent to the multi_search endpoint