Discussing Embedding Field in Nested Data Structures

TLDR Denny having trouble embedding nested fields. Kishore Nallan confirms the current limitation, asks for a Github issue to be created.

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Aug 29, 2023 (3 months ago)
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03:16 AM
So my data structure is something like this:
• Name - string
• brand - object {name, slug}
When creating the “embedding” field, I’m unable to add brand.name into the “from” field. Should I just create a new field called “full name” and have it as “<brand> <name>“, then use the “full name” field as the “from” field for embedding?
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
05:03 AM
Yes, it's a limitation at the moment in supporting nested fields. Can you please create an issue on Github for us to track?