Customizing UI for Typesense Filters with Instantsearch Adapter

TLDR KARTHICK asked about custom UI for typesense filters. Jason suggested creating custom Instantsearch widgets and using typesense-js for direct calls if building own UI widgets.

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Apr 24, 2023 (7 months ago)
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08:03 AM
Hello Guys i need some help in how to apply the customized UI for filters in typesense here is my use case
1. I have already created the filter popup inside that the popup i have created the filters in dropdown , radiobutton, etc. I need to hookup my filter UI design with the typesene is it possible to do that. because im using instant search adapter.
2. If this is possible or i need to use only the widgets provided by instant search adapter ???? Anyone knows how to do this can help me out thanks in advance.
Jason Kishore Nallan
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04:12 PM
You can create custom Instantsearch widgets
04:13 PM
The widgets have to integrate with Instantsearch specifically for them to work with typesense-instantsearch-adapter. If you’re building your own UI widgets, then you would have to use typesense-js to make direct calls to Typesense