Connection Error with Typesense Server

TLDR john was having trouble connecting to the Typesense server, and Jason advised checking the logs for any errors.

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Sep 16, 2022 (15 months ago)
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12:43 PM
Hello everyone, hope this message finds you all well. please help,

(base) x@xnoMacBook-Pro typesense % brew services restart [email protected]
Stopping [email protected]... (might take a while)
==> Successfully stopped [email protected] (label: [email protected])
==> Successfully started [email protected] (label: [email protected])
(base) x@xnoMacBook-Pro typesense % curl http://localhost:8108/health
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8108: Connection refused
(base) x@xnoMacBook-Pro typesense %
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03:01 PM
Could you check the logs under /usr/local/var/log/typesense/ or /opt/homebrew/var/log/typesense/ (Apple Silicon) to check if there are any errors logged there?