Comparing Firebase and Typesense Pricing and Performance

TLDR Andrew inquired about the cost-effectiveness of Typesense versus Firebase. Kishore Nallan confirmed Typesense's lower pricing but noted its less resilience compared to Firebase.

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Nov 23, 2022 (13 months ago)
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06:16 AM
Hey guys, im trying to understand pricing a bit better. I primarily worked with Firebase, and have a typesense extension synced to my current project. As I understand it, with a .5 gb cluster, Im paying around .02/hour, $14.40/month. This seems to be a cheaper than firestore when one considers scaling up, as the cluster price stays consistent while firestore can increase depending on the expansion.

Am i thinking about this correctly? Id like to read the majority of my data from typesense if so, for the above reason along with TS having better querying capabilities.
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
06:20 AM
The pricing is correct. I will add a few more nuances for consideration:

• There is also a bandwidth component for the pricing, but this is typically not a problem for most use cases.
• A single Typesense instance is probably not as resilient as Firestore in an apples to apples pricing comparison (for e.g. if the host goes down it will take some time before it comes back up). The HA configuration is recommended if you want greater guarantee there, which will require running a 3-node configuration.