Setting Up Typesense Server for Flutter and Firebase App

TLDR Arsham needed help setting up a server for Typesense. Viktor suggested Managed Hosting and shared how to deploy a container, also shared Typesense's Docker image and mentioned potential need for data syncing. Andrew offered help with Flutter Fire.

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Jan 07, 2023 (9 months ago)
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02:09 PM
I am using Flutter and Firebase for my app and I am very interested in using Typesense for the search function. However, I am new to self-hosting and I am not sure how to set up the server for my use-case in the most efficient way possible. Is there someone who could help me with that?
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04:00 PM
They have a managed hosting solution that is really neat.

If you still want to self-host there are plenty of cloud providers where you can quite easily spin up container. AWS and GCP are the big ones, but I would recommend DigitalOcean if you want something simpler to get started with. Here they have a guide for deploying a container. Here is the link to the Typesense docker image.

I suppose you would want a backend service that syncs the data from Firebase to Typesense that runs periodically
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04:37 PM
I've been doing the clusters for a while, i dont know anything about self hosting but if you have any flutter fire questions id be down to help
04:38 PM
Also if you do clusters, the have a firebase extension that auto syncs collections.