Increase Search Result Size and Filter Special Characters

TLDR Anton requested pagination beyond 250 hits per page and precise filtering for terms with special characters. Jason suggested multi-search as a workaround and planned to address special character filtering in an upcoming release. A Github issue was created to track this feature request.

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Jun 01, 2021 (30 months ago)
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02:00 PM
Hi guys! I got a couple of questions:
1. When using search I would like to get results in pages bigger than 250 items. At the moment queries like this
end up with error "Only upto 250 hits can be fetched per page.". Is there a way to get more?

2. I cant find a way to filter the collection by term containing special symbols ("
","-"). The following query
returns items with rootfield__document_uri "dir3","dir_3","di-r_3". How to solve that issue?
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03:02 PM
any reason why you can't fetch the next page?
03:03 PM
you could even issue 4 requests at the same time to fetch page 1, 2, 3 and 4.
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05:21 PM
Anton Andrew Summarizing part of our conversation here:

1. We have a limit of 250 records per page for performance and anti-abuse reasons. I think what you'd find useful is to just fetch all records (q=*) matching a filter. We've been thinking about adding the ability to add filter_by and include_fields to the documents export endpoint, which won't have this pagination limit, since there's no sorting performance overhead involved.

In the meantime, fetching multiple pages across multiple requests is the workaround. Like indexer mentioned above, you could actually issue requests for multiple pages in one http requests using the multi_search endpoint.

2. This is a result of us removing all special characters before indexing. So dir_3 actually gets indexed as dir3. We're planning to address this in an upcoming release (not v0.21.0, but the one after).
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06:00 PM
Jason documents export with filter_by and include_fields will be very useful.


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06:06 PM
Looks like we have 3 asks for this now! Mind creating a Github issue for this, so we can track?
Jun 02, 2021 (30 months ago)
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