Guide on Updating Collections in Application Development

TLDR Ajeet requested guidance on updating collections for an application, citing issues like lack of schema validation. Jason suggested using regex for field restriction and confirmed collection alias functionality. CaptainCodeman shared a plan to use version numbers for collections avoiding delays.

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Jan 31, 2022 (20 months ago)
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02:20 PM
Joshua CaptainCodeman
Hi there - We are building an application where we need to update the collection later on based on requirement, so can you please guide me how does collection updating works.
1. I have tried auto schema, it does add dynamic field but it will add any fields in collection, there is no schema validation over there and also I can not filter the data with auto schema collection.
1. I need to understand how we can update collection through alias if we have existing record in collection.
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02:41 PM
Ajeet you can restrict which fields get added to the collection in auto schema detection by using a regex to limit field names instead of using “.*”

Collection alias will work regardless of the number of documents in the collection. It’s just like a symlink
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03:36 PM
My plan, once past the dev stage, is to have collections with a version number appended which will match one configured in the app. As long as the index is built ahead of the code deploy, it shouldn't need any delay or downtime. Using the alias might be easier, but then I think I'd need to coordinate code-deploy + repointing the alias