Excluding a Facet Issue in Typesense

TLDR Stefan had an issue excluding a facet in Typesense v0.21.0. Kishore Nallan clarified that the :!= syntax replaced the old :- syntax. The solution was upgrading to the latest version. Jason added there's no easy downgrading from v0.22.0 to v0.21.0.

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Nov 02, 2021 (24 months ago)
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04:31 PM
Is there a known bug w.r.t to excluding a facet?
As far as I understand the docs the code below should exclude "Cleansers" from the facet, but it returns the same results as := . I am running v0.21.0. image id: 2d94fc7c161b
filter_by: category_functional:!=Cleansers
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
04:35 PM
Can you please tell me the exact Typesense version by hitting the /debug end-point?
Kishore Nallan
04:36 PM
Very early preview of the exclusion feature had a :- syntax. It eventually became :!=
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04:37 PM
one sec, I upgraded my local one to the latest rc and it works, but my stating one still is refusing
04:53 PM
Okay, my apologies, I ran an outdated version on my server. I was sure I was running the latest stable on my local docker but I might have mixed something up.

I upgraded the version in my staging env: Works
Locally it doesn't start anymore when I try to go back from the latest rc to v0.21.0
04:53 PM
but I guess if it works with the latest image, all good! Thank yo
04:54 PM
In case it easy downgraded is a requirement for you, this is the error:
E20211102 16:49:59.600389   204 store.h:157] Error while fetching the key: $KN - status is: Corruption: Unknown Footer version. Maybe this file was created with newer version of RocksDB?
E20211102 16:49:59.600395   204 collection_manager.cpp:102] Auth manager init failed, error=Error while fetching the next API key id from the store.
E20211102 16:49:59.600419   204 store.h:157] Error while fetching the key: $CI - status is: Corruption: Unknown Footer version. Maybe this file was created with newer version of RocksDB?
E20211102 16:49:59.600423   204 raft_server.cpp:519] Typesense failed to start. Could not load collections from disk: Error while fetching the next collection id from the disk.
I20211102 16:49:59.600445   204 snapshot_executor.cpp:264] node default_group: snapshot_load_done, last_included_index: 39647 last_included_term: 221 peers: ""
E20211102 16:49:59.600454   204 raft_server.h:249] Met peering error {type=StateMachineError, error_code=1, error_text=`StateMachine on_snapshot_load failed'}
W20211102 16:49:59.600458   204 node.cpp:1264] node default_group: got error={type=StateMachineError, error_code=1, error_text=`StateMachine on_snapshot_load failed'}
E20211102 16:49:59.600469   196 snapshot_executor.cpp:393] Fail to load snapshot from local:///data/state/snapshot
E20211102 16:49:59.600478   196 node.cpp:530] node default_group: init_snapshot_storage failed
E20211102 16:49:59.600483   196 raft_server.cpp:118] Fail to init peering node
I20211102 16:49:59.600486   196 node.cpp:929] node default_group: shutdown, current_term 221 state UNINITIALIZED
I20211102 16:49:59.600533   201 raft_server.h:245] This node is down
E20211102 16:49:59.600579   196 typesense_server_utils.cpp:256] Failed to start peering state
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04:59 PM
Yeah we had to upgrade an internal data structure in v0.22.0 for which we unfortunately had to sacrifice the ability to easily downgrade from v0.22.0 to v0.21.0 with a process restart...