Effective Data Storage in Typesense

TLDR Juri inquires about the best way to store warehouse data in Typesense. Jason recommends one collection with warehouse IDs, but suggests testing for performance.

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Sep 16, 2021 (26 months ago)
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04:16 PM
Hi. e.g I have two warehouses. I have to search for items within both warehouses. Should I create for each warehouse it’s own collection? Or can I make for both one collection (so that I can search easily without having to merge & re-sort the results)? How strong is typesense actually, can I put 500GB of data in one collection? Or is it better to split it up to be safe of crashes and stuff?
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06:03 PM
Juri In general I'd recommend storing data in one collection and store a warehouse id for eg in each record, if you want to filter data for only one warehouse.

You want to try that out first and then if you don't see the performance you expect, then split it across multiple collections