Discussion on Typesense API's Batch Document Upload

TLDR J questioned Typesense API not accepting JSON batch uploads. Kishore Nallan explained it supports large imports, with client-side conversions. Ross confirmed this.

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Jan 01, 2023 (9 months ago)
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12:26 PM
Why does Typesense API for the batch document upload not take in a valid JSON Documents ie, a list of documents? This just made what should be a trivial call, not.
Kishore Nallan
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Kishore Nallan
12:33 PM
The API is designed to support importing large number of documents. Accepting a JSON list will make this difficult to do as a lazy/streaming indexing operation.
Kishore Nallan
12:34 PM
Some of the API clients support this conversion on the client side.
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02:14 PM
Was going to say, we use the TS wrapper and bulk import millions of documents. The wrapper converts an array of objects to JSONL automatically