Advantages of Typesense Cloud over Traditional Cloud Hosting

TLDR Michal asked about the benefits of using Typesense Cloud compared to other platforms like Google Cloud or AWS. Jason explained the advantages, including UI, automatic scaling, Search Delivery Network, Role Based Access control, migration ease, and cost efficiency.

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Jun 18, 2023 (3 months ago)
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03:07 PM
Hello! could you explain the advantages of using Typesense Cloud for hosting, as compared to other platforms such as Google Cloud or AWS? I'm interested in understanding why one might opt for Typesense Cloud.
Jun 19, 2023 (3 months ago)
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04:57 AM
Here’s how Typesense Cloud and Self-Hosted (on any VPS or other cloud) compare:

• We run the same binaries we publish open source in Typesense Cloud as well, so the core APIs and features are the same.
• But Typesense open source is an API-only product. In Typesense Cloud we provide a UI to explore the data, setup synonyms, aliases, overrides by pointing and clicking.
• In Typesense Cloud we take care of infrastructure, so as you scale, we can automatically scale your clusters for you (when you turn this setting on).
• In Typesense Cloud, we also offer a Search Delivery Network feature that works like a CDN, but we actually replicate the full dataset to multiple regions you choose, so your users around the world get a consistently fast search experience.
• In Typesense Cloud, we give you Role Based Access control for members of your team, so you don’t have to share API keys with team members to give them selective access to different parts of the UI
• Since we run the same binaries, you can migrate between self-hosted and Typesense Cloud by just exporting and importing data.
• In terms of cost, you’ll have to compare the pricing we publish on Typesense Cloud, with what it would cost on your hosting provider, plus add the engineering time required to self-host and manage infrastructure. In general, we find that once you add engineering time, Typesense Cloud becomes cheaper, because we’re able to amortize engineering time on our side across all customers, bringing down costs for all users.